Walk in the tAIGA fORESTS

The Boreal Taiga Forest is inspiring with its layers of old and young trees, its green soft carpets of mosses and artistic lichens on the tree trunks and stones. Imagine this: fresh air, tranquility and beautiful scenery! All your senses will take part in this experience. We’ll take you to the special forests of Kirkkonummi where the forests meet the Baltic Sea. Are you ready for your Taiga Forest bathing?

recharge and reconnect with nature

Perfect intangble present for your family or friend

Takes c. 3 H

Walks are organised year around

From €120/ 1-2 persons. After that 1 person €40

Guided Walk into the taiga forests

There is a positive relationship between the exposure to forests and the mental, physical and social well-being. Studies have shown that even 20 minutes’ stay in a forest helps to recover from stress and increase positive emotions.

Shinrin-yoku in Japanese and metsäkylpy in Finnish mean ‘forest bathing’. It describes well the experience one can have in a forest. All your senses take part in forest bathing.

While walking in the Boreal Taiga Forests we will observe the interesting life of the forests. Your guide is a professional expert of nature who is able to explain details about the forest habitats, forest species and their life, including secrets behind the scenes. Come and take your refreshing dose of nature!

Additional information
  • Starting point of the walk to be confirmed when you have booked your trip. At request, we can pick you up from the railway station of Kirkkonummi. 
  • Guided Walk is normally for 1-4 persons. But do not hesitate to ask walks for bigger group as well.
What do I need with me?

Clothing suitable to weather.

Hiking shoes (or similar).

Own water bottle (at least during the summer). The tap water in Finland is drinkable.


Please make sure you have a valid travel insurance.


Please check with us.

frequently asked questions
  • How do I pay the forest walk? At spot with a card.

In the forests of Porkkala peninsula…

The forests of Porkkala Peninsula are a popular place for recreational activities. We take our clients often here. The road to the Peninsula is a winding, narrow, charming old road, known already from mid-1600, taking you closer and closer to the Baltic Sea, through the forests. The forests in the tip of the Peninsula are the most special and oldest ones. You will notice the amount of mosses and lichens on the ground and the warped treetops of the old Pines. This is a place to find Boreal Taiga Forests, a priority habitat type in Europe, and fascinating local cultural history.

Potential Observations of animals during the Forest walk..

White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) or a Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) are the most likely mammals that you can see in the forests. If you are lucky, you may see also an elk (Alces alces). Little Crested Tit (Lophophanes cristatus) may well come and greet us!

In any case, the tracks and sounds that we will see and hear will open up more about the secretive habitants of the forest.  

Mountain hare in its white winter coat
In the heart of the forests of Porkkala
Safari in the old-growth forest
Forest safari
Crested Tit
Black woodpecker-biggest woodpecker in Europe
This is where the Taiga Forest meets the Baltic Sea

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