Night in a tree tent

When you visit the wonderful nature areas of Porkkala peninsula (c. 50 km from Helsinki), why not to prolong your visit a bit more, and spend a night in Porkkala village, in the Boreal forest?

A tree tent is a perfect way to continue your nature experience.


Southern Finland, Porkkala peninsula, Porkkala village

May/June - September

80€ /adult incl. breakfast

Sleep in the forest

We offer you a unique opportunity to spend a night in a Tentsile Stingray tree tent in the little village of Porkkala. The tree tent is anchored on three big tree some 1,5 m high from the ground, creating unique camping memories for years to come. The tree tent locates in our backyard which is surrounded by a conifer forest. The photo above gives you an idea about the tent and the environment.

This tent is able to accommodate 3 adults (or a young family of 4). 




  • If you come by train to Kirkkonummi railway station, we can pick you up from there. 
  • Duration: one night 
  • Breakfast is included in the price
What do I need with me?

Clothing suitable for weather. Your personal camping gear.

Please make sure you have a valid travel insurance.

Remember that tap water is drinkable in Finland.

Eating and hydrating

Breakfast is included.

If you wish to use our barbeque please inform us in advance.


  • How shall I pay the stay in the tree tent? When you make your reservation, we will explain the steps for payment.

Porkkala peninsula – nationally valuable landscape

Porkkala was classified as nationally valuable landscape in autumn 2021. The road to Porkkala peninsula is an old historical road. At the same time it is a charming road as it goes through forests, you will see houses with gardens. agricultural land, but all the time forests dominate the landscapes. Forests here are mainly mixed forests with pines, spruces, birches and aspens. Mosses, blueberries and lingonberries are typical plants in the undervegetation.

You might also notice that there are lot of lichens on the trees and on the stones. This makes the forest landscape very different from for example beech forests of Central Europe. By the way, there are no beech forests in Finland….

Towards the end of the peninsula, you will see Boreal Taiga forests, a forest habitat type of priority importance in the European scale. Within the EU, this forest type exists only in the Northern Europe. This is your chance to see something unique!


Boreal taiga forest
Moose/elk Alces alces
Night in a tent and breakfast

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