Who are we

Our website address is: https://borearctia.fi.

What information do we collect and why


When site users leave comments on the site, we collect the information in the comment form, as well as the user’s IP address and browser version information to help identify junk messages.

Contact form

Contact forms collect the following personal data: Name, telephone number and email.


Borearctia.fi website uses cookies and other similar technologies, such as local storage. Cookies are small text files between the terminal browser and the server. Cookies and other identifiers have a specified period of validity after which the browser removes the tag. We use these techniques to carry out functions as well as analytics.

In the browser settings, the user can choose to prohibit the reception of cookies or delete cookies stored in their browser. However, this can cause shortcomings in the operation of the site.

The data used to target analytics is anonymized wherever possible. Otherwise, we will process the data as personal to the extent that the identifier contains customer targeting information, such as an IP address. Tags that are associated with the customer in some way are also treated as personal information. The period of validity of the identifiers used for analytics is 30 p-26 months.

We use Google Analytics in analytics related to the use of our site. The information sent to Google is anonymized. Learn more about google analytics data processing (policies.google.com).

You can opt out of the identifiers used by analytics by enabling the Do Not Track function of the browser and by setting the browser to reject third-party cookies.

General statistical data on the use of the online service are collected for the development of the service. The following statistical data are collected on the use of the service: total visitor and page viewing volumes, number of sessions and average durations, whether the visitor returns to the website or comes to the website for the first time, from which web address the user has come from, the most frequently used key terms, the most popular pages, the terminals used, browser versions and the most common service providers. No personal data is collected from online service visitors to identify an individual visitor. Statistically collected data cannot be combined. Usage tracking is based on Google Analytics reporting, which uses cookies from Google Universal Analytics software (more information: support.google.com) and Google Tag Manager software. The collected data cannot be combined. The Google Tag Manager JavaScript code is used to measure usage.


Who do we share your information with

We do not share personal data collected with the feedback form, such as name, telephone number and email address, to any third party.

Anonymized data, such as cookies collected using google analytics tools, can be shared with third parties (google).

How long do we store your data

If you leave a comment, the comment and its metadata will be retained for the time being. This is done so that we can automatically identify and accept the following comments instead of keeping them in the moderation queue.

We store data collected through the feedback form in a location that is safe from digital data breaches for 50 months.

What rights do you have over your information

If you have an account with this website or have submitted comments, you may request a summary file of your personal data, including any personal information you have provided to us. You can also request the deletion of your personal data. The right to erasse our own data does not apply to personal data that we must retain for maintenance, legal or data security reasons.