Guided mushroom picking

“I would love to pick edible mushrooms in Finland, but I am not able to identify them”. If this sounds familiar, do not worry, we can help you. We organize tailor-made trips on the spot, in “mushroom habitats”, where you can learn about edible Finnish mushrooms. Our trips are aimed for both beginners and for more advanced clients. You can request for a private training session or join a small group for personnel attention.

In forests west from Helsinki

Takes c. 3 H

July - October

€60/person, min 2 persons. pls contact us for a private trip

your new hobby is about to start

When we arrive to the forest, we will first go through some important theory i.e. the important basics on the mushroom identification, typical mushroom habitats and some other useful tips. We concentrate on common edible mushrooms, especially if you are a beginner. We will remind also about the poisonous mushrooms. 

The guided mushroom trip will help you to take the first steps in mushroom picking, safely, under our guidance. We are there to help you and to answer your questions. 

Additional information
  • Starting point of the trip to be confirmed when you have booked your trip. At request, we can pick you up from the railway station of Kirkkonummi.
  • Guided session is normally for 2-8 persons.
  • Trips are organised from July to October (weather dependent).
  • The mushroom trip is guided by a biologist.
What do I need with me?

Clothing suitable to weather.

Hiking shoes/rubber boots. You can also ask us if needed.

Basket (or similar) and a small knife which helps to clean the mushrooms on spot.

Please make sure you have a valid travel insurance.


Take some snacks/coffee/tea with you or ask us.

frequently asked questions
  • How do I pay the forest walk? At spot with a card.

In the forests of Kirkkonummi or inkoo…

Most likely we will take you to the forests of Kirkkonummi or Inkoo, depending on the mushroom harvest prospects of the year. Fingers crossed that 2022 will be a good mushroom year!  Stay tuned!

Mushroom learning guided trio
Here we go in the forests hunting for mushrooms
Perfect ceps found in the forest
International group learning about edible mushrooms
Mushroom hunting is fun!
Treasures from the forest

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