Guided nature experiences, moose watching, bird watching, guided mushroom picking, angling and even ice fishing.

Night in a tree tent!

Expert services for nature conservation. 


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Explore the beauty of the Finnish nature on our guided trips

We are based in the small municipality of Kirkkonummi, Known for Nature, where the Boreal Taiga forests meet the Baltic sea. Kirkkonummi locates 30 km west from Helsinki and only one hour from the nearest airport. We work with a passion for nature and we would like to take you to the beautiful unique local nature areas. 

Forests cover 70% of Finland and there are 168 000 lakes. There are unique geological formations in Finland shaped by the Ice Ages (eskers, land-up heaval phenomen, roche moutonnée …). The Finnish fauna and flora is a mixture of southern, northern and eastern elements. We are also happy to have four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Borearctia’s philosophy is to share the knowledge of the nature values of Finland and of the local history. We will take you to the local Natura 2000 sites or other valuable nature areas and to the nationally valuable landscape area of Porkkala. We are committed to having a positive impact on nature, society and the economy, leaving a low ecological footprint and honouring local cultures.

See you in Finland!

Admiring the Archipelago of Kirkkonummi
Common Eider
Moose/elk watching

Fall in love with nature in Finland

Taiga forest


Explore the Finnish Boreal nature with an expert!

We would like you to experience the same what we think is beautiful, magical or relaxing, what keeps us wondering nature every day, year around. In other words the diversity of nature.

This can be a walk in a Boreal taiga forest, forest bathing, bird watching trip, moose watching, berry or mushroom picking, angling, photographing trip, walk on the sea side rocks carved by the glaciers during the Ice Age, night in a tree tent, not to forget the local cultural elements …. we will make it an outstanding experience for you.

Expert services on nature conservation

Nature tourism is one of the Borearctia’s activities. In addition, Borearctia has international expertise on nature conservation issues

Borearctia offers also expert services on nature conservation questions in particular concerning the EU Nature Directives (Habitats and Birds Directives). Marita has many years of international experience in nature conservation issues including six years in DG Environment of the European Commission.

About us

Would you like to know the story behind the name? Borearctia comes from the Latin name of an extremely rare tiger moth Borearctia menetriesii. You can see it on our logo. The etymology of the name is in the Greek language; “Boreos” refers to the word north and “arkteia” to arctic. “Menestriesii” refers to the French entomologist Édouard Ménétries. As we work with nature, the company name matters!

Borearctia Ltd was established in 2018 by two professional biologists. Nature has always been our passion. In fact, we have been working with nature for all our working life. In addition, Borearctia has also a pool of other nature experts who can guide the groups depending on the theme of the nature trip.

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