ice fishing in Finland


If you visit Finland in winter, then you should check if it possible to fish on ice with nets! 


Southern Finland

4-5 hours

1-4 persons

Ice fishing - please contact us

Guided ice fishing trip


Normally we practise angling in spring and autumn time as during the summer the water temperature in lakes is too warm. Angling is guided by 1-2 experienced persons. You don’t need any earlier experience, this can be your first time ever! 

Angling at Lake Meiko takes about four hours. The fish that you can catch are perch (Perca fluviatilis) and pike (Esox lucius). But remember that it is not always the most important aim to catch a fish, but to enjoy time in nature.


  • If you come by train to Kirkkonummi railway station,
    we can pick you up from there.
  • Duration 4-5 (6) hours
  • Person count: 1-4
  • Fishing on ice trips are guided by 2 experienced persons
  • For ice fishing please contact us for details
What do I need with me?

Angling trip does require special clothing, but we will inform you about the weather forecast before your trip

Angling equipment are included in the price

Eating and hydrating

At request we can also provide coffee/tea and snacks during the trip (price will be added to the total price)

  • Tarvitsenko?
  • Pitääkö minun?
  • Miten maksetaan?

unique experience

Fishing on ice using nets is a specialty we can offer depending on the weather conditions in January-March. This trip takes place on the frozen Baltic Sea, about one kilometer from the shoreline. We will either walk or ski to the fishing point. Fishing on ice trips are guided by 2 experienced persons (i.e. experience of several decades in ice fishing). The nets will be placed under the ice, but how it is done, you need to come and experience yourself!

During the ice-fishing trip, often you can see White-tailed Sea Sagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) from a distance patiently watching our fishing activities; they are waiting to get some fish too!


Ota Yhteyttä

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